Where to start with Retention

In this emotionally charged piece, LjB Coach Consultancy founder Lucy Buxton, details her career as a nurse and care worker, and her transition into consultancy and coaching, as well as the downward turn the sector has taken in this time and the key to saving social care. Read more

My journey with Long COVID continued

March 12th 2020 and I just don’t feel right. Around me, the world is slowing down and everyone is talking COVID 19. 730ish in the evening and smack, I ache, my head hurts and my temperature shoots straight up. Read more

Being a Registered manager in Social care is one of the toughest jobs

Being a Registered manager in Social care is one of the toughest jobs I have come across in all my years of working in care. Read more

Tis the Season to be jolly…

The snow is falling and folk are building snowpeople on the M25!? Those that celebrate Christmas are busy buying presents and making plans. In care homes across the country, nativities are being shown, and singers are sharing their voices for others to hear. In homes where carers visit, activities are going on and talk of Christmas wishes are in the air. Read more

Looks like a cold, cold winter… Both inside and out

Energy prices are through the roof and you have no control. As I look through my window I can see the snow still on the ground, and Jack Frost has added his contribution over the last few days too! Read more

Have you found yourself at a time in your life when you have time on your hands?

Do you find yourself wondering or wanting to do something more meaningful with that time that helps someone else? – Then volunteer! Read more

Baby, it’s cold outside!

You get up for work and notice it’s frosty, misty, and possibly snowy outside.

Great job that you got the car prepared the night before.

Yes, we’ve entered into that time of the year when driving on the roads becomes crazy and folk can’t get to work, or even get home for that matter! Read more

Are your handovers effective?

What does the nurse in charge of the shift start the shift with and end the shift with?

Yes, handover. Probably one of the most important parts of the day that ensure consistency and continuity in care. Read more

Moving home? Well, what about moving home and country?

Businesses all over the world are struggling to recruit staff, and Social care is no exception to that struggle. So many businesses are struggling and the NHS is in a similar boat. So, what do we all do? We look abroad for staff to help. This is a fantastic idea, as well as part of a solution, but how often do we take the time to think what it is like for those individuals who not only move house, but who have moved country too? Read more

Service Audits – Capturing The True Picture

Lucy Buxton identifies five simple steps providers can take to ‘temperature check’ their service. Read more