Client testimonials and feedback for Lucy Buxton, LJB Coach Consultancy.

“I first came across Lucy on LinkedIn when she reached out to give me some support one day. We chatted for about an hour. I found a pleasant, likeable, knowledgeable person who I felt at ease with. It was several months later when I asked her for some structured support as I was feeling a little lost and unsure of my next steps. Lucy helped me organise my thoughts, decide on what I wanted to do and why. She helped me move forward when I felt stuck. Besides all of that she made me laugh when I needed to be lighter.

If you find yourself in need of clarity, deciding on direction or just taking your own mental pulse I would say Lucy can help. Thank you my dear it was useful, a blast and helped me move along.”

Julie Garrity, Ex CQC inspector

“Three months ago I sought the help of a Coach. I didn’t know what it was that I needed, but knew that my busy mind was not becoming any less chaotic without something changing. My imposter syndrome was at an all time high, it felt like all the plates I was spinning were about to come crashing down, and I couldn’t picture the path through the noise to what I wanted to achieve. That’s when I met Lucy.

Today we reflected on the difference three months has made. There’s been lots of tears and it has at times been tough. There’s also been plenty of laughter, positive challenge, reframing and reflection. All leading to feeling improved clarity, self-belief and excitement for what’s to come.

Asking for help isn’t a weakness. Especially not with everything anyone in health and social care has gone through over these past few years. Lucy doesn’t give people the answers but creatively facilitates, coaches and supports you in finding the right answers for you, building strong foundations and a personal toolkit for continued personal and professional growth. (Not to mention also being a genuinely lovely lady with a huge heart, listening ear, sense of humour and endearing way of saying it how it is!)

Forever thankful”

Debbie, Inspection and quality improvement lead, local authority

“It’s taken me a few weeks to write this because I want to make sure I say the right words to express just how much Lucy has helped me.

“Lucy’s magic mind wizardry” – I keep saying this and Lucy laughs, but it’s true. How can 6 sessions of coaching literally, genuinely change my life in all the best ways? My overall health and wellbeing has massively improved, I’m building good habits (and actually sticking to them). My business is doing amazingly well and I love my work more than ever. I see the world a bit differently now and it’s less overwhelming. I feel calm and happier.

Honestly, something has changed in my brain and its hard to explain the difference I am seeing every day in myself. Before, I was either operating at 100 mph, or doing nothing and beating myself up for not being productive. It was hard work and unsustainable- I have burnt out far too many times and I couldn’t keep living like that.

That pressure I put on myself seems to have gone, for the most part. And now when those negative thoughts come up, I know how to manage them. I’m living a more balanced life, and not feeling guilty about it. I’m less in my own head. Which means more time doing things that are good for me, things I love, and spending time doing quality work for my business. I’m not saying every day is amazing, I’m human, and my ADHD gives me a hard time sometimes. But I can feel myself being kinder to myself lately and it’s a great feeling. And in turn everything in my life is improving.


We all go through stuff and have our own problems so you might not relate to my experience, but ultimately if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, sad or angry (or all those things) it’s hard to change when you don’t know how to. Lucy does. If you are ready to change things and put the work in, Lucy will work with and guide you to make those changes and make them last. Oh and she is so gentle and understanding and just the loveliest person. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I’m so grateful for our time together Lucy. Thank you”

Fae, Business owner
“Lucy has been a great coach in terms of supporting me to achieve my goals and objectives. Sometimes we all have the Impostor syndrome, self doubt or lack of confidence. I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who needs a bit of guidance or direction. Don’t worry about her unusual techniques she uses. There a reason for all of it.”
Registered Manager

“Things weren’t great and I fell into a figurative hole. I felt like an abject failure. I had vented my spleen on social media for everyone to see – things that I meant at the time but regret now. I had made completely irrational plans to go off sick, leave my job and downgrade everything to take a less-paid career path just to stop the anxiety and darkness I was feeling. Things were bad at home and at work. I couldn’t see a way to improve any of it.

Expressing myself on social media was not a good thing and I paid for it professionally for a month or two afterwards. But one of the positive things that came from it was that a stranger reached out to me offering me help. I think, had I not been so low, I would have either ignored it or politely informed her I didn’t need it. But she was genuine and warm and I actually felt that she wanted to help me.

And so I met Lucy and she coached me for a couple of months and what a difference she made! Her experience, knowledge, attitude and the fact that she wanted to make a difference, to help me, got me out of that hole I was in and the difference from me back in early January 2021, screaming for everyone to see on social media, to me now in late March 2021 is night and day.

I owe Lucy so much. Without her input I would have potentially taken myself from work onto unnecessary sick leave, plotting a completely irrational exit strategy that could have ruined my career. I am more patient and understanding at home and I am a better manager and person in my job. I’m not under any illusions that things will stay this good forever, but I am confident enough that I either have learned strategies to help me overcome these future problems without sabotaging myself and/or my career or, if not, I can reach out to Lucy and she will help me overcome whatever problem I have.

Thank you so much, Lucy, for helping me.”

Ben Miller, Registered Manager

“I’m not afraid to share that this is about me!
I knew I had something that other people could benefit from but I was distracted by so much other crap I couldn’t work out what my thing was, what I wanted to do with it or whether people would want it anyway.
My bucket was full and I had no room to think.
It was full of self-doubt and guilt and a million other useless feelings, I knew they were irrational and I just needed them to bugger off but I didn’t know how to make them go.This is where Lucy really made a difference for me, she helped me take the learning and let go of the emotion.
There is now so much more room in my head, my bucket, my life! She’s made me laugh, made me cry, held me to account for myself and lifted me up onto a path where I can see my way ahead for myself.
She’s awesome. Everyone needs a Lucy or someone like her.
If you’ve ever thought about getting a coach then stop thinking about it and just do it”

Cath Dixon, HR Consultant

“Following our last session, I just wanted to thank you again for your support and expertise. The time I have spent with you has been invaluable.
Our sessions have helped me to work through both personal and professional challenges and as a result I have experienced a definite shift in how I am feeling and able to think much more clearly. I am in a much better place and feel excited about what’s ahead. Thanks so much”

Regional Support Manager

“I first met Lucy when I was feeling lost, without direction and no clue how to get through it, a bit like a ship without a rudder.

We worked together to identify my goals, what was preventing me from achieving them and how to move forward. During these sessions I discovered I was carrying stuff from childhood that needed to be addressed, I needed to work with my inner child which, whilst painful has been amazing. I’ve released so much during Timeline Therapy I can finally look back without the pain returning. I’m calmer, I respond rather than react to new situations that previously would have seen me get angry or fearful.

I now know the direction I need to head in, and I have the confidence to deal with those things that are ‘less easy’ (her words not mine) head on. I can tackle those things that would have me procrastinating for days or weeks because I was afraid of failing.

I feel like a new person, with new found energy and willingness to ‘get out there’ and see life from a whole new perspective.

Lucy, I can’t thank you enough, you’ve given me so much. ”

Retired nurse, Birmingham

“We have worked with Lucy over recent months and can happily say she has been transformative for our whole team. Lucy has enabled us to develop an appreciative enquiry approach and staff confirm they feel more empowered to be part of changes. Under Lucy’s guidance we have improved and implemented person centred and advanced care plans which continue to develop. Lucy’s positivity and immense knowledge base has enabled us to grow as a team and her support with the development of our Continuous Improvement Plan has improved our confidence.

Lucy has enabled us to look at ourselves and appreciate and value each other whilst developing ownership of responsibilities and accountability.

I would highly recommend Lucy to any Home looking to improve their care and confidence. You would be surprised at what she notices!”

Registered Home Manager, Birmingham
“We will miss your wit and good humour, your words of wisdom and sound advice, your common sense and insight, your friendship and kindness. But most of all we will miss you. Thank you.”
Quality Manager, NHS CCG
“Thank you again for all your input and advice. This has really helped us to push our care plans to ‘Outstanding’.”
Compliance Manager, Supported Living Services, Birmingham
“Thankyou for the course. It truly has been life changing. I feel more settled in my job. More confident about telling people no and find it easier to walk away from drama. Which gives way to more quality me time. Your course has also given me back my thirst for knowledge and NLP is a topic I am now looking into. Can’t thank you enough.”
Registered Manager
“I want to say Thank you for all you have done. I want to assure you that what I have learnt from you will go a far way. You have taught me a lot and you have also left a lasting impression on me. Thank you once more.”
Deputy Manager, Cotswolds

“I had several sessions with Lucy on the run up to my university final year exams. During each session we worked together using various techniques, putting me into a calm mindset. Lucy listened and helped me work out exactly where the stress was coming from, how to recognise when the stress was becoming too much and how to tackle it. I have never felt so relaxed or in control entering an exam before and that is purely down to the help of Lucy. Previously, I have left exams, written history papers with no dates and had complete meltdowns at even the thought of exams. However, with Lucy’s help I was able to remain calm in all exams and achieved a first class law degree with the highest results in the cohort. I have also since used Lucy’s tips when starting the first day of my new job and daily when work pressure is high.

I couldn’t recommend Lucy enough for anyone struggling with work pressures, exam stress or general stress/worries. She made me feel completely comfortable from the beginning and I truly believe she can help anyone with her supportive approach”

Law Graduate