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My journey with COVID 19

March 12th 2020 and I just don’t feel right. Around me, the world is slowing down and everyone is talking COVID 19. 730ish in the evening and smack, I ache, my head hurts and my temperature shoots straight up. Read more

The importance of self-care when caring

Over the years, on too many occasions to mention or even recall, I’ve told relatives and friends the importance of self-care, “you will be no use nor ornament” I would hear myself say, but it’s true. Read more

Death – is there really such a thing as a good death?

Over the past, dare I say nearly, 30 years of my working in care, either as a nurse or as a carer I have seen death, I have smelt death and I have heard it. Read more

If a healthcare professional makes a mistake, does saying sorry make any difference?

Recently a relative of mine (who was receiving care in a health care setting) was spoken to by a health care professional in a manner which was found to not be so professional, almost aggressive and potentially controlling. Read more